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Easter Yarn Bomb 2021 Is Live!

Good morning Copcut Rise! 👋

The youngsters & I have been out already hanging up the Easter Yarn Bomb 🥚

I’ve attempted to create a basic map to give you a guide to where the decorations are. (I tried!) 😆

Be sure to check the trees in the Boulevard area for 2 Barry the Bees & 3 of the garlands! 🌺
The bus stop has a very unique pair of filet crochet eggs, whilst a rather squashy pink bird had appeared on one of the flag poles! 😳

Keep a close eye out for a very special sleepy bunny & chick duo that are around the Centenary/Bruton area along with the third Barry the Bee who thought we couldn’t see him as he settled in a tree 🐝

I’ve also hung a wreath looking over Alfie’s house on Vashon. We still remember 💗

Have a lovely Easter & keep checking for updates on our Social pages & website as we heard the Easter Bunny 🐰 is dropping off some treats on Easter Sunday!
As always, use the hashtag #lovecopcutcrochet to share any photos of the bomb you take.

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